eBook formatting for Kindle

Download your eBook PDF or EPUB file onto Kindle

Find your Amazon Kindle's unique email address

  1. Log into your Amazon account on your PC. Go to Manage my devices and scroll down until you find your Kindle.
  2. Your Kindle comes with its own email address (@kindle.com) so find yours.
  3. You will then need to email your PDF or EPUB file to this @kindle.com address.

Make sure that your regular email address is authorised to send files to your Kindle

  1. Go to 'Content & Devices' and find the preferences tab.
  2. Find the section that says Personal Document Settings.
  3. Under the Approved Personal Document E-mail List section, click on the link that says “Add a new approved e-mail address”.
  4. Input your email address here.

Email your PDF or EPUB file to your Kindle

  1. Create a new email addressed to your Kindle’s email.
  2. [For PDF files only] Make use that you input "Convert" as the subject line.
  3. Send the email.
  4. Your PDF or EPUB file will automatically be converted into Kindle Format.
  5. Once you send the email, you may get a verification email from Amazon.
  6. Simply open up that email and hit the verify button.
  7. Make sure that you give your Kindle time to update and download the file from its servers.

Finally, we hope you enjoy your eBook!