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Animal Liberation Now

The landmark book that opened the world's eyes to the suffering inflicted by humans on other animals, now fully rewritten and entirely updated to reflect the pressing problems of today.

'An extraordinary book which has had extraordinary effects ... It galvanised a generation into action' 
Independent on Sunday

*One of the 100 all-time best non-fiction books* (
TIME magazine)


Animal Liberation started a worldwide movement when it revealed the abuse of animals in factory farms and laboratories. It demonstrated that these and other practices were the cause of appalling and unnecessary suffering and therefore morally indefensible. In the fifty years since, science has further vindicated Peter Singer's arguments about animal sentience, vegetarianism has become widespread, and the book has helped change the minds of millions. But the situation for animals has in many ways grown worse.

Despite improvements in animal welfare in some regions - brought about in large part by this book - in many others the scale of their abuse has reached staggering new depths. This revised edition, of which about two-thirds is entirely new, documents these and other developments, such as the impact of meat consumption on climate and the spread of dangerous new viruses. It refines its arguments in light of new evidence, equips the reader with fresh tools and advice, and shows us all the road ahead. The result, 
Animal Liberation Now, is a book of galvanising power, relevance and importance.

'Raises ethical questions that every human being should take to heart' Yuval Noah Harari

'One the most important books of the last 100 years. It expands our moral horizons beyond our own species' 

'The indispensable foundational text for the movement, new and updated. 
Animal Liberation Now is written with the honesty and philosophical depth characteristic of all of Singer's work' J. M. Coetzee, Winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, author of The Lives of Animals and Disgrace

'A reasoned plea for the humane treatment of animals that galvanised the animal-rights movement the way the Rachel Carson's 
Silent Spring drew activists to environmentalism' The New York Times

'If I have to pick the book that had the most impact on me, I would say Peter Singer's 
Animal Liberation, since I instantly became a vegetarian after reading it' Jane Goodall

'Probably the single most influential document in the history of ... animal welfare'