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How to Launch a High-Impact Nonprofit

Countless books claim to reveal how to be a successful entrepreneur. But these guides lack one key consideration: what if it’s not all about making money? What if it’s about making a difference?

In How to Launch a High-Impact Nonprofit, a team of experts who themselves have helped launch 18 evidence-based charities (and counting) break down what it really takes to build impactful organizations.

Even small charities can improve hundreds of thousands of lives each year if they are focused on cost-effectiveness and based on rigorous research. The authors unpack the profile of these rare, much-needed organizations and invite you to consider your own potential for success in what might be the highest-impact career path in the world.

This book is the distillation of years of both running and teaching effective charity practices. It forms the backbone of the annual Charity Entrepreneurship Incubation Program and is designed to help you understand the mindset of the most effective founders and how they shape their start-ups to maximize impact per dollar donated.

It’s a no-nonsense, accessible handbook. The authors tackle tough questions, shining a light on the limits and shortcomings of their knowledge and the challenges you’ll face. It’s also a practical resource guide where you’ll find direct examples, valuable templates, thoughtful discussions, and next steps.

You’ll learn about

  • The benefits and challenges of becoming a charity entrepreneur
  • Best practices in fundraising and building support
  • The decision-making tools you’ll apply to your most important decisions
  • How you will measure your impact and optimize as you test and improve
  • Knowing yourself, your values, and deciding if this career is the right fit for you
  • Finding the advisors, board members, and mentors to support you in your journey
  • The foundation for daily operations, legal compliance, and registering as a charity
  • The range and value of the resources available to you as you launch

Past charity founders also share their experiences, inspiration, know-how, and advice with the next generation of effective nonprofits hoping to make an impact. Read this handbook to learn how the practical know-how of lean start-ups can be combined with effective and altruistic thinking, and take the first step in your journey toward making a difference.