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Permutation City: The incredible, mind-bending look at cyberspace, afterlife and immortality from one of the greats of science fiction

Immortality can be yours . . . at a price

Permutation city is the tale of a man with a vision - how to create immortality - and how that vision becomes grows beyond his control. Encompassing the lives and struggles of an artificial life junkie desperate to save her dying mother, a billionaire banker scarred by a terrible crime, the lovers for whom, in their timeless virtual world, love is not enough - and much more - Permutation city is filled with the sense of wonder and dread.

Can what makes you human be distilled into data? And what happens if you can't afford to pay?

Readers are having their minds blown by PERMUTATION CITY:

"Egan tells the story masterfully. I can only marvel at how he finds his inspiration for a high-tech tale in an ancient wisdom like Kabbalah, and then proceeds to out-Kabbalah even the Kabbalists with his creativity" - Goodreads reviewer,